Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Customer Service

I have ranted about a few customer service places in the past, and I make no bones about doing so. I also understand the value of what the military calls a "Good Cookie" as well, and make a point to award such praise when needed. I've called a local cab company numerous times for both good and bad drivers, and the dispatch manager is very relieved to hear that I have good things to say about their driver. Like using turn signals and being respectful in the merge lane is all that difficult people, c'mon.

So, today was a day that did not start out to be full of errands, it just turned out that way. I had to go get labwork done this morning, and it was the last day to do it. Hi, I'm Last Minute Charlene, nice to meet you. I left the lab and headed over to a couple thrift shops in search of maternity pants that would fit me this early but still fit me later too. That was a bust. I stopped and took care of some other business and resumed my search for clothing to fit an expanding form. My travels took me to a different Old Navy location than I'd visited a few weeks ago. It's not just me, I know it's not. I've noticed a diminished selection across the board in almost every store (except the thrift some doozies there!). This location had an even smaller run of clothes than the other store, and it basically consisted of the same selections. And no clearance spot either. At least the other one had a few clearance items. I am not willing to pay $30 for pants that are a temporary thing for me. I don't work in a location that requires my attire to be professional. Khakis and jeans are acceptable considering the amount of dirt, dust and grime often involved. I didn't see any employees in Old Navy except the ones cashiering. I decided that since I was in the mall, and in close proximity to JCPenney, that I'd go take a look at their maternity stuff. Mind you it's tucked in a corner behind the plus sized stuff, and similarly priced to Old Navy's. It was nice, I just can't justify spending it when we're looking to buy a house. That wasn't the problem in so much as the fact that THREE employees walked past me in a cluster and not one of them greeted me. Then after I left the plus size section, I went to the "intimate apparel" department to search for a maternity/nursing bra. All of my normal ones are no longer comfortable and I want to find one like I had with Clone. I realize plastic is cheaper to utilize, but I am no dainty girl here and rough and tumble is my whole family. I need hook and eye stuff here folks. I prefer adjustable cups because the girls change size and shape often and with swiftness. However, I wanted to see what else was offered at a "higher end" department store, not just the SuperWally and Tarjay. The associate in the intimate apparel department walked past with another customer and didn't greet me either. THEN, the maternity and nursing bras were next to the customer service desk and she STILL ignored me. It's a good thing I didn't want plastic.

I got home, crashed in my bed with an ice pack on my knee after whacking the crap out of it on my van door. Grace, is not my middle name. I finally chase the Oldest off my computer and check my email to find that MOE'S of the burrito fame, responded to my email asking why I hadn't gotten my birthday burrito. I wasn't honestly expecting to get one this late after my birthday, I just wanted to make sure I was going to get one next birthday. But there it was with an apology (it wasn't likely Moe's fault either) for the lack of a birthday burrito. Way to go Moe! You guys rank right up there with one of my other favorite restaurants, Sticky Fingers. They let me use my freebie a week and a half after it expired, and I've never had a bad experience there. One time they did run out of my favorite and I got a nice credit towards my next visit because I emailed the company saying "man, that kinda stunk" - in more polite words.
So, if you're hungry, for lunch go to Moe's, then take the family out to dinner at Sticky Fingers. Honestly, you will not regret it. Unless of course you're allergic to something on the menu or good customer service.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Just peeking in to see how the pregnancy is going.

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Cool. Hope you are well!

Persnickety Ticker said...

Charlene Grace. there something you are trying to tell us? Name picking already? Cuz you know darn tootin' that this one is a girl.

I didn't get a burrito on my birthday?? Oh wait...I was sulking through hell because my BIL was dumping all over my Disney Day. Eh. Next year. I still have never tried Sticky Fingers. Maybe lunch someday?

Word Vert is eyard. When a pirate is tired? ::best pirate voice I can muster after being roused from a deep sleep:: "Eyard!! Buggar off!!"

MrsSoersdal said...

We used to have a Moe's across the street from us. It was wonderful. We were all happy. Then they closed down.