Saturday, February 14, 2009

House Hunting

Devildog and I have been looking for our own home for a while. We've got different opinions on things in some regards, and agree on yet others. It's long been a mixed marriage on many levels, so it's nothing new. So the search for a house that accommodates all the bodies, and the stuff, and has the spaces to function like we need them to function and all under budget has been hopeful but occasionally annoying. Devildog and I have felt that God would lead us to the house we're supposed to have, at the right time. Divine Guidance is what I've been calling it. The houses I picked out were not what they were cracked up to be at all, and they've been quickly eliminated from our pool of applicants. The ones Devildog likes, are generally the ones I have liked as well. We looked at one house that we both liked, but we disagreed on how to use certain areas of the house. He wanted my office in a spot that was out of the way. While I understand his motive, he forgets what life with a baby is like, and where I'll be spending most of my time. Plus there were some other factors that made it a risk for the long list. But we kept it on the short list. There were others that were what we wanted but out of our budget. Then our realtor took us to a house we hadn't looked at online yet. We may have found the house that fits us. Devildog and I didn't disagree on how to use the spaces. We felt that this may be "the one". So, we've been asking everyone to keep it in their prayers that if the house is the one for us, that it happens. Our current needs are met, and we can make it work in our current place a while longer if we have to do that. We'd like to have some elbow room though. Devildog and I both, would like to avoid constantly seeing the mess that is my office. We literally need a closet for our clothes. Our room is the converted garage and there's no closet for it, unless you count the laundry room with a closet bar. Devildog wants a place for his friends to visit and hang out. Since almost all his friends smoke, a "man-den" is helpful. And possibly very important, we want to be off the main road, like we are now. Here if we tell the kids to go play in traffic, they don't have to go any farther than the front property line. Not that we would seriously tell them to go play in traffic. Besides, if we did tell them that, they wouldn't listen anyway.


Persnickety Ticker said...

Closing my eyes good and tight and wishing really, really hard that the realty fairies bless you with your perfect house.

Word Vert: reards - Beards on your asses.

Sunny Yukon said...

Okay, I was about to type my sincere best of luck-wishes-prayers-good~vibes to you when I saw Persnickety's comment and nearly peed my pants laughing at 'reards'!

Hope the wish fairy doesn't get my thoughts mixed up and send you a reard instead of a house... I'm trying really hard to focus on that house for you... but someone's mooning me with their reard!


(Seriously though... woohoo! Good vibes coming your way!)

MrsSoersdal said...

All fingers and toes crossed and a novena coming your way :)

I thought it was pretty interesting reading the past post you linked to. Husband and I are exactly the opposite of the two of you. He's a Taurus, I'm a Virgo. Both boring earth signs. We mainly spend all of our time agreeing with each other or else mocking each other mercilessly for a good laugh. It's funny, once I tried giving another couple I knew some advice and nothing that worked for us ever worked for them. Psychologists have it all wrong, don't they? :)

Jackie said...

You found it! Fantastic! I hope it all works out!

Chrissy said...

Got my fingers crossed for you!