Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kid Logic

I sat on Chrissy's kids tonight so she and her husband could go to the Mardi Gras dinner-dance at church. I wasn't going, and I owe them like a bazziilllion babysitting favors so I started making a dent in the debt. Let me just say, Chrissy is a hilarious riot when intoxicated. Filters are gone, and TMI runs rampant. By the time they got home, Cinderella's coach was about to become a pumpkin again. Plus since I had Clone with me, she needed to get home and in the bed. On the way home, we passed CarMax. This place is a huge used car company, so most of you may have heard of it. It was on a stretch of road with numerous car dealerships. My Clone, was giving her analysis of what each dealership name means. She saw CarMax and said "CarMax is called CarMax because they obviously have a lot of cars and the guy that owns it is named Max." It cracked me up and my mirth, was once again a sore spot for her. She thought I was making fun of her again. She hates when we laugh at something she says when she's completely serious. Now when she means to be funny, it's ok to laugh, but not any other time. "Sorry baby, but it was just cute and funny. I was in no way making fun of you." She wasn't buying it, no matter how true it was for me. If everything were as simple as kid logic.

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