Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mind Your Mouth

I was busy chatting with Yankee Belle and pimping my oldest out to help her move. He's homeschooled via Virtual School, he's male, he has muscle-type things on his person. In short, he's available and capable of helping. I pulled the pity card out, briefly explaining the situation to him, and he actually agreed to help her. Of course, he began lurking behind me reading the conversation with her, and started acting like an annoying little kid. (My people are all little kids in disguise, I swear. ::Cue Toys R Us commercial theme song::) He decided to poke my belly button. That turkey timer popping out is a long way off pal, you're not going to find anything interesting in there, like perhaps you would spelunking in Devildog's navel. I told him to leave my tummy alone. It's expanding and I'm self concious about it at the moment. The boy was lucky I was not in a heinously fould mood, and that I was actually in good spirits. He had the cajones to say (jokingly, but still....) "I wonder if you're just getting fat and having attitude problems."
This will not be forgotten. When I really am fat and miserable this Summer, he will regret saying this. It will come back to haunt him. Just like the conversation between me and the Clone not too long ago returns to bite someone.


MrsSoersdal said...

hahaha. When I was in my first trimester with Giggles, I could not stop getting into screaming matches with Husband and Brother no matter how hard I tried. Of course, it was probably very very bad for my blood pressure. If anything good came out of it, however, it was that they both learned the hard way never to say "what, are you hormonal?"

Jackie said...

Teenagers! /sigh/