Monday, January 12, 2009

Potty Talk and Sharing

My Clone has this wicked sense of humor and is not shy about her smart aleck remarks. I will regret this later, I'm sure. My humor frequently comes back to bite me in an unsunny location.
Yesterday she was in true form. My children and husband have similar genetics when it comes to the use of the bathroom. The difference is the males camp out in there, and Clone & I generally do not. Apparently when nature calls it calls loudly.
At Christmas we went to Devildog's former stepmother's house
where my child used the facilities and upon exiting said "Aaahhhh that feels better!"
Yesterday she ran to the bathroom repeating "Poopy Time! Poopy Time! Poopy Time!"
I have no idea what it is about this child and her bathroom habits but good grief, we don't need to know some things. I guess I need to start the filter installation on things she says. Of course she's my third and by that point, most parents (myself included) are pretty much too tired and overworked to nit-pick and correct things that the oldest child would have never been allowed to do. Perhaps her unabashed announcements are part of her charm? She's certainly not like her classmates, that's for sure. All of her teachers have said as much. I'm not sure if that should be a source of pride or humiliation but it remains to be seen.

Also, yesterday evening, she was snuggling with the Daddy. We've been talking about our home buying options and debating on a 3/2 or 4/2, especially since the oldest is nearly grown. Then, my lovely Clone, blurts out "I'm the only one in the house who doesn't have to share a room"
Me: "We can fix that"
Clone: "Nope. I'm good."

I really need to re-examine what I've taught this child about sharing.


insanelybusymomma said...

LMAO, you two are almost too funny, you crack me up! Filters aw c'mon, filter the girl and she'll not be nearly as amusing!

insanelybusymomma said...


Like if given a choice, you wouldn't be happy if you had your own room...c'mon ;)

Melissa said...

My 4 year-old summonses me into the bathroom by yelling,"come and wipe me! I have poopy in my v*gina!" Clearly, I need to start teaching about filters!

So funny!

Anonymous said...

You won an award!

Go see what you won!

Thanks for your fabulous blog!