Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a new year. Now what?

We went to a friend's house for New Year's Eve. Actually we went to two friends' houses. On the way out of the neighborhood we stopped at C & S's house, because Devildog didn't want to drive by there and not stop to see his friend who's been having difficulty. His friend's parents were there and we visited a little while. I tinkered with their laptop a bit because C clicked on something one day and changed the course of history for their computer. Then C's parents left and suddenly I felt pangs of guilt for wanting to leave to go to my friend's Open House party. We considered staying so that we weren't abandoning friends, then I invited them to come along to the other party. We went and had a good time, and C & S were very glad we took them with us. C asked to come back next year.

The hosts are crazy individuals who absolutely love to have fun. They have a gorgeous and huge house, that I only dream of owning, and only after winning a huge pot in the lottery. They work hard for what they have, so I am not jealous by any means. However, I spied this lamp on the table in front of their living room window. Not everyone can tastefully pull off displaying a leg lamp, especially if they have no sense of humor. Our hosts have absolutely no problem with a lack of humor.
While there I asked the host what that "Posts" note on the kitchen cabinet meant. She asked if I'd seen Mary Poppins, and how the various members of the house ran to guard the breakables at certain times, screaming "POSTS!" because the neighboring retired Naval Admiral fired a cannon to signal the time. She said that when they get into the driveway in the late afternoon, Mom yells "POSTS!" from the car and everyone runs to their designated post to turn on the Christmas lights. I thought it was SO hilariously clever, I told her I was taking a picture of it and posting it in my blog. She granted permission, adding "just don't display my children's names". Done.

We stayed late, and so I didn't get up till lunchtime. As I type this, I sit here at the tail end of lunchtime, with a cup of coffee that didn't get brewed till noon when I got up, wearing my pink flannel pajamas that my MIL gave me last Christmas, hair askew because I showered right before getting into the bed, and my New Year's ham is still in the freezer. We're likely to have a "Non-Traditional" meal today. But that's alright with me. I'm not a slave to tradition really. I don't do resolutions either. It just leads to trouble. For now though, I will at least take down the old calendars, turn the page on my FLYLady calendar and figure out something we can eat for dinner. I would really prefer to avoid leaving my house today.

Edit: When I went to look in the main freezer for something to make for dinner, I discovered that my fridge is not cooling. So, we're swapping fridges with the one from the friend's vacant rental a few blocks over from us. In the meantime till that can happen, we're stashing stuff in coolers and either tossing or eating the rest of it. Thankfully I have another small freezer that is still working.

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