Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Productivity is Overrated

Today was initially annoying. I couldn't access the shipment tracking link for work, so I called the stores I service and learned that the 2 stores east of me had no shipment for me at that point. The two stores south of me however had work for me to do. So, I had already planned that while I worked the stores South of me, Clone was to go to Persnickety's house so she could play with the Punk (the poor kids have been having withdrawals). I got my Christmas present (LOOOOOVE IT - btw imagine the girl dragon on Dragon Tales saying LOOOOVE IT, and that's how I hear myself say it, except less painfully). I ended up hanging out way longer than I should have, but she's fun and we haven't seen each other since one of us got sick like 184 moons ago. I was finally in the same vicinity as the optical place, and not on a time deadline (so to speak), nor was it their lunch break. I took my glasses in because the nosepad broke and it's been a month. My eyeballs don't hurt now. All fixed. Stupid bats I talked to when it first happened didn't instill confidence. ::Bites tongue::
I then harassed Devildog at work since it was right across the street. He left me to do work, as it's key to earning that paycheck since he won't pick the right lottery numbers. I then went to work, waaaay later than I should have. I don't want to work at the end of the week. I've got a house to clean and crafty stuff to do with the kids if they don't torque my last nerve. Then retrieving my Clone resulted in visiting with Persnickety. Clone and Punk were having a blast and I didn't want to go home and be annoyed by the males.
Anytime I get together with Persnickety, it is one large ADD-fest of zig-zagging tangents. We revert back to high school again, making fun of these certain individuals that probably still deserve it. Or at least we make sideways commentary about things that reference experiences from high school. We were the oddballs, or at least a couple of the many at our school. Apparently my quirks are what prompted Persnickety to take an interest in me. The first time I remember seeing her was in 9th grade at the Junior High, because at that point the district had 8th & 9th grade grouped together. Our school had several additions. Oh, food...yea we gotta feed these heathens...let's throw a cafeteria behind the main building. Hm, science wing, sure it can go behind the cafeteria, and behind that we'll build a music building for band and chorus because some of those noises just are disturbing and need to be kept far away from the rest of the school. In any case, the school had some wise plan to transition us OUT of the cafeteria because they needed a brief respite from the sound of our raucous debauchery bouncing off cinderblock walls for just a minute before the next round of hungry hormonal preteens entered. They sent us to the back parking lot that was generally only used by the buses to wait for the bell. One lovely day, Persnickety caught my attention because there were several morons making a fine spectacle of themselves by making a spectacle of her. All I distinctly remember was that she was laying on the ground, on purpose mind you, and wearing these huge honkin hoop earrings (think bigger than Salt N Pepa wore). I remember thinking "a bird could perch there for petes sake", and I may have said as much to whoever was next to me. Anything specific beyond that is lost on my brain that has been scrambled by 15 years of motherhood, 16 if you count the time spent during the first pregnancy. It gets more scrambled the longer I let the oldest child survive his own foolishness. Hers gets more scrambled the more times she croaks on us, and feels a need to deprive herself of oxygen. We all know breathing is overrated right?
I finally pried my Clone from the clutches of her Punk and came home, to be met with requests to use the computer because Devildog didn't know the oldest's login password. So here I sit, exhausted but unable to unwind. And hoping I can do so before the urge to spawn a blog in conjunction with Persnickety takes over my scrambled brain and I actually take the time to do that tonight of all things. Apparently sleep is overrated too in my house. My brain won't shut down unless it crashes. I liken my brain right now to a long electrical brownout that will eventually become a blackout, and the entire power generating station bursting into flames. Yea, that's my brain at night. Let me add that to the growing list of things needing to be fixed...

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MrsSoersdal said...

I once went to high school in a chartreuse outfit. I mean ALL chartreuse. Chartreuse mini-skirt, chartreuse TIGHTS, chartreuse shirt with orange stripes. I loved it and was too space-queeny to realize that nobody else would.

Best Friend came over to me and said "I looooove your outfit. Those assholes are just REALLY RUDE"

I love her forever <3