Monday, December 1, 2008

How I will store my yarn

Edit: Blogger apparently has been having issues, so all this past week's posts snuck into the readers at once. Feel free to keep yourself busy if you are really that bored.
Several weeks ago, I took down those wire shelf things that contained my yarn. They were unsightly with the other piles of junk collecting in front of them. Out of sheer frustration I dismantled things, put the yarn in some plastic bins I have, and shoved them under the futon. I still have piles of stuff in that location but I've been searching for a dresser to stash my yarn. If there's space, I'll stash scrapbooking supplies, otherwise they'll remain in bins. Well one Saturday I was at a church function and on my way home spied a dresser on the curb, but closer to the sidewalk. I got all the way home, and that mauve dresser was still on my mind, half a mile away. I called Devildog to consult him, and basically got the go-ahead as he briefly relayed plans of stripping, sanding and staining it. Meanwhile ALL I wanted to do was strip it and paint it black. I drove back over and got out of the mom-bus to knock on the door and ask the owner if it was up for grabs. He said the drawer front came off one drawer but it served them well over the years, and it used to be white. He helped me load it, and I came home. It was in the back of the mom-bus, and I would've kept it there till *I* had a plan and the materials to complete the project (and rid myself of that pesky respiratory thing going on). No, the cave-man that is occasionally Devildog dragged the Beast outside to get it out of my mom-bus and begin the carnage. I completely forgot to take before pictures, mostly because things happened in a flash and I was scrambling to see if I could rescue my fantasy football team (a hopeless endeavor). So I have the next best thing, pictures of the dresser in progress.

This is the heinous mauve on the broken drawer front. As it turns out, the drawer probably broke because the support that the drawer slides on is MIA, and another couple slides need replacing.

This is the rainbow of shades in the removal process. Apparently there were about 4 or 5 colors on the body of the dresser and at least 8 or more on the drawer fronts. It clearly was a child's dresser given the palette used. I saw 4 or 5 different layers of white on each drawer, red, dark blue, light blue, seafoam green, pink, black, yellow (awful easter yellow), dark green, and I may have missed some in there. It appears they changed the colors of the drawers for the kids' various decor. Each drawer had a varied layer rainbow of its own. The removal of the rainbow has proved to be rather messy.

Devildog was sanding the dresser and got 99% of it done, till the grooves for grabbing the drawer needed sanding. The dremel wasn't cooperating, it was getting colder as the sun was setting and Devildog was getting hungry. In the midst of him sanding, I went to get Clone from school. I saw the previous owner walking to get his offspring. I yelled out the window "EIGHT layers on the drawers!" and he just laughed. He probably thought "Suckers!" However, I wanted a wood (real wood not the sawdust and glue B.S) dresser with 5 drawers and wanted to keep the price around $50. So far we've gone slightly over budget but that's only because Devildog bought a sander and sanding disks for this and future projects, instead of borrowing a sander. I'm not sure what the final product will be looking like but at least it's not mauve with 8 layers of paint anymore. I bet the dresser is breathing easier.

The task has become way more complicated than I wanted it to be, and we should've had this done by now. Of course both of us getting sick slowed the process, which only served to frustrate many other things in our household.


Liz said...

Ooooh... that is going to be so neat! Be sure and show us after pics please! :)

MrsSoersdal said...

WOW 8 layers of paint. Did it squoosh when you poked it?

insanelybusymomma said...

Too bad they were such icky colors...might have turned into an interesting distressed project otherwise.

Looks like you and Devildog are doing a GREAT job! Can't wait to see the finished creation.