Thursday, December 4, 2008

I love my sister

And do not ever want to piss her off. EVER. She would most certainly cause bodily harm to me. I'm a weakling, it wouldn't be difficult for her to do. She's made guys cry before. She recently had a bad day, and shared as much with me.

Sis : not in a good mood. havent left my room all day. gota deal with customers and a hated loud mouth coworker after an 8 hr shift of faking perky while depressed
Sis: if he speaks to me im gona make him cry like a 3 year old girl that just got her pig tails cut off

She has a black belt in verbal assault, and she took tae kwon do for a while. I've seen her take a chop at Devildog. He felt pain and discomfort and the bouncer at the place looked concerned that he'd have to do his job or something.
This commentary comes a few days after a conversation about her search for a mate that meets the prerequisites, one being "doesn't cry easily". I think it's very safe to say that this coworker of hers fails the prequalifications.

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