Friday, December 5, 2008

My current crack

Thank you Persnickety.... for telling me I needed to try a certain coffee related product because now my household has a sick fondness for it.
We needed sugar and creamer the other day, because my family goes through those two items like the Marines go through ammunition, except our consumption is on a smaller scale. Went to Publix and found a kick A deal on the plain creamer, making it cheaper than the big container this time. Plus they had the flavored stuff at a good price, and we like flavored creamers sometimes. The kids and I like flavored coffee sometimes too, but this blog is about the additive. I picked up a Peppermint Mocha and let clone choose the other seasonal flavor. She wanted to try Gingerbread, I haven't used it yet, but plan to soon. Clone pronounces it "moh-CHA" and not "mo-kah" like the rest of us. It is cute, and her pronunciations are a blog post all their own really. We're talking about creamer. I made Clone some hot chocolate yesterday morning because there wasn't any more coffee after I got my morning dose of the stuff. I splashed in the peppermint mocha, because really...chocolate and peppermint...*flavorgasm* (ahem, 'scuse me whilst I re-compose myself). Erm...oh yes, um, chocolate and peppermint. They're a good combination. Devildog apparently stole a taste of Clone's hot chocolate after his olfactory nerve was strummed by its wafting scent. I took Clone to school and came back home to get a more relaxing cup of java instead of the "must move now" cup. Devildog called me into the living room to give me some instructions. If I allowed marching orders from him, he'd have issued those instead though. He said "I want you to go to every store and buy every bottle of that stuff and stockpile it" (nevermind there's an expiration date on those things). It's like crack, only it tastes better, smells better, and you're not likely to go to jail for using it.
(edit: And I just realized that I need to reset the time on my's an hour fast....dern daylight screwing time)


MrsSoersdal said...

Christmas creamers are a MAJOR weakness for me. I'm going through my 2nd pumpkin spice creamer. I've gone through one or two of the peppermint mocha ones and like 5 of the gingerbread ones already. And I wonder why my diet isn't working lately!

insanelybusymomma said...

Well while I don't share your fondness for flavored creamers unless they are Irish Creme, I c an understand completely given my penchant for Bailey's in my coffee.

LOL @ Devildog for his astute observation of why flavored creamer is better than crack!

Oh btw, why aren't comments working on your most recent post?

Kristin said...

Oh. We have this at home. Oh my goodness. And I mix and match my creamers (there are four in the fridge right now) with different coffee flavors. Holy cow. I put the peppermint mocha in my swiss chocolate almond coffee. Caramel creamer in my pumpkin coffee. It gets crazy around here. Nanny and I ordered a ton of sample packs of flavored coffee and spend copious amounts of time making new combinations. :-)