Sunday, December 21, 2008

What's going on? It's December ya know

Um, it's mere days before Christmas, and the only Christmas decorations we have up are the lights on the front of the house. I kid you not. The tree is in the attic, and packed with it are the little 18 inch individual trees that I got the kids for their rooms, and the garland that normally would reside around my front door...or at least over it. As such, the rest of the decorations are in the green tubs in the hall corner collecting more dusty debris from my 50+ year old house full of dust and other miscellany. I sent out several Christmas cards and got a few from friends (none from those I sent cards to either mind you). I have a small assortment of gifts purchased and hidden. I have a cookie recipe languishing in the kitchen after discovering some EVOL menace in my house consumed the remainder of the package of chocolate & peanut butter chips/morsels/machine created drops. They were peanut butter chips and chocolate chips coexisting nicely in a yellow bag. They were slated for one last run of cookies and I was highly ticked to discover their empty bag abandoned in the garbage. I had to buy more today. At least the bag wasn't abandoned behind the futon like a million Halloween candy wrappers were. I really loved finding that mess. I don't recall spawning an offspring and naming it "Not Me", but apparently this Not Me character has adopted us without my permission, or my obtaining legal counsel. But somehow this being has conspired with my genetic offspring and aided in the little messes that realllllly pile up and annoy the you-know-what out of me. I have my share of the clutter in this house. We also have no storage here, and I refuse to rent a storage unit. Which is part of why we don't have our tree up yet. The clutter won't allow much space for it. Big giant pieces of furniture in the living room leave little place for it. The one spot we have will result in an obstructed path through the living room. I'm seriously giving consideration to using some brown craft paper we have and green paint and painting a tree, taping it to the wall there and leaving the walkway free. Then I'll put a small pile of gifts on the floor in front of the paper tree on Christmas Eve when Devildog and I go to bed. At least this Christmas I have the opportunity to sleep in my own bed, which has happened a total of twice since I married Devildog 14 years ago. We've usually gone to visit his relatives for Christmas.


MrsSoersdal said...

My Christmas card haul has been rather disappointing as well. We got one from Husband's grandmother in Norway that contains quite a bit of reading and that's it. SIGH.

Kristin said...

Get on the ball! My Christmas tree has been up since Thanksgiving Day!

I sent out my Christmas cards before I left for Europe, the day after Thanksgiving, so my Christmas card haul is looking ok. We move so much I don't always expect people to keep up. If I send my cards out early, I make sure they have my address in time.

Speaking of moving, guess whose husband is going to be stationed in Tampa as of next year.....

Sunny Yukon said...

(((Feisty))) Don't feel bad, it happens to the best of us.

Which kid is wanting that tree up the most? Take them to pull out ONE of the little trees and put it on your coffee table/side table/the box of stuff you don't need right now and let them decorate it with a small selection of stuff. Give 'em some craft paper and scissors to make a star for the top even.

Then be done with it! Tell them you're keeping it simple this year, and let's enjoy this little tree while sharing memories of past years.

One year I stuck some branches in a vase to decorate. That was it. The kids were just as thrilled, and there was a lot less to clean up when all was done.

Have fun with the family.

insanelybusymomma said...

I agree with Sunny on this one...heck if nothing else, find some bare wreaths for the kids to decorate in leu of a tree.

Oh and I don't have all my cards in the mail yet either...working on that tonight.

Hugs and miss ya

Random & Frazzled