Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Early Winter break?

Still no word yet on the oldest son's school assignment, and I'm really frustrated by it. At the same time I don't want to be a pesky parent and harass the principal just yet. However, noon Thursday, all bets are off. This whole process has sucked mucho for me. I'm thinking that with two days left till winter break starts, it's going to be January before he sees the inside of another classroom. THIS should be fun. My sanity already suffers, and now it's making me sufferable to those around me. PMS compounds the entire situation.
THEN, while I'm on a service call in the ONE store that blocks cellphone signal, I get a call that went straight to voicemail. This one happened to be from Beast's school. He got suspended for two days over something stupid he did. He didn't even get into a fight for pete's sake. Sometimes I wish he would. Sooo, he's home till January now too. Clone has a class party Thursday and probably a day of fun stuff on Friday. So much for sneaking out to buy socks and underwear while they're at school. It's been a monkey-wrenched month.
Today proved to be a very annoying day and I was quite cranky. Despite my warnings to the children, they were ignored. I can't take all this *expletive* noise. I hope not to be a complete and UTTER shrew by New Year's.
Let me also add that I have a sum total of less than ten minutes left on my cellphone minutes till Thursday night. I love you all. Really. I do. I just can't afford to go over my minutes to talk to you. Catch me after 9PM or the weekend...or Friday even. I'm so glad that my husband has relatives on Verizon so I can call them and wish them well or beg for money, whatever the case may be. Just as long as I stay on their good side. If nothing else I am IN. I'm also IN for some insanity for the next two weeks. Lord, help me keep these offspring busy and entertained, so I don't become the entertainment.......


Persnickety Ticker said...

I have finally at this very early hour if 4am finished the baking and beaded ornaments for gift giving. I can now breathe until Friday. Then I have to bust ass over the weekend to make sure the rest of the gifts get made.

Wrapping? Huh? Who the hell has time. You are getting your present as is. I might get festive and slap a bow on it. Meh.

Hope the spawn doesn't suck the last shred of sanity out of you.

MrsSoersdal said...

Oh my God you poor woman. I'm not looking forward to winter break myself. It's really a choice between bringing both kids to the park and juggling them, letting the older one play video games all the time, or taking my chances letting him run around the apartment complex and hope he knows better than to go into the street. Really not sure which would be less or more of a headache honestly.

Persnickety Ticker said...

Just wanted to let you know I miss you.

Plus, my word vert? Cangsm - An orgasm in a can. *snort*