Thursday, December 11, 2008

If it's a challenge

Apparently the stress of the past week has collided with the onset of PMS and I've become incoherent to my readers. I get mysterious and whiny when I get overly stressed or overwhelmed. You can liken it to rocking in the corner and thumping my head on the wall repetitively. I don't do well with stress in case anyone hadn't noticed. I was utterly exhausted to the point of apparent stupidity yesterday and somehow managed to muddle through the day. Today was a little better but I was only mildly productive. I never seem to attain those grand plans of marvelous theory. I have a full calendar, a messy house, and a week of kids in school remaining. Except right this very moment, the oldest is awaiting an assignment to a school with German so he doesn't lose a semester's credits. I don't think I am capable of surviving the task of homeschooling this child, so I'm willing to drive him to school on special assignment. We'll see how the magnet lottery pans out for next year to get him into the college prep high school. I need to find some sort of music program involving violins since he plays that. In case you hadn't noticed, he seeks a challenge. German, violin, and I'm sure something else will intrigue him somewhere along the way. My challenge is to keep him busy.

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MrsSoersdal said...

Oh we had all those things at my high school. If you lived in Scottsdale, AZ I could recommend a good place to send him. I'm useless, I know. Good on him for having a lot of intellectual pursuits. Maybe prod him to join every available club and afterschool organization there is so that when you see him at the end of the day he hardly has the energy to stand up :)