Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hi, I'm the Wench and I'm addicted to yarn.....

I bought bookshelves to put in my youngest offspring's room. There were these wire cube things that weren't working so well in the bedroom. I wanted a skinny bookshelf tower thing like I had many moons ago that I wanted for my yarn stash in the den. I had it stuffed in many places. Well I couldn't find the exact thing I wanted in stores. I found something in Ikea that would've been great but it was $35, with $153 in shipping, and $11 in taxes. So since I'm not going to Atlanta anytime soon, and the store in Orlando doesn't open till November, I skipped it. Well I got the shelves Friday and assembled them that night. They went into the bedroom this morning and I excavated half the child's room. A new bed is needed, and we can't get to the room to replace it. For starters today I repiled the stuff, and cleared a spot for the yarn stash. I moved the stuff a bit in the offspring's room and placed the bookshelves in there. It's getting filled nicely. And I completely filled the cubes with yarn. I kid you not. I did not realize I had this much yarn. Now in my defense, some of it was purchased with the intention of gifting it to someone learning to crochet when they got the hang of it. I think I paid regular retail for almost none of it. Maybe one or two skeins/balls. In condensing all my yarn into one location, I discovered I have an addiction. And I must own up to it. I must use this stash before I can allow myself to get sucked into the vortex that is the yarn department at my local stores. Some of it was purchased with the intention of making Christmas presents. Back to the shelves....DH (dear husband) and I used to have a set of six cube shelves each in our old apartment because we had no dressers. We had a massive walk in closet that rivaled our current bathroom. Everything got hung up or folded and put on these shelves in this closet. Well when we moved in here we acquired dressers after a while. But when I used the wire crates, I used an extra shelf side to divide one crate in two. I used curling ribbon to make a shelf inside the crate. I found a second one in my adventure and made a crate with three shelves. It's on the top with the smaller balls of cotton, and crochet thread, and the nicer yarns. Notions are in a basket on the tip top. The bottom has books and patterns in a plastic bin. The other bottom shelf holds partial skeins/balls some with projects in progress that I acquired in this state. I have an entire cube with nothing but the giant cotton skeins as well as another entire cube with all the acrylic fiber yarn. Then there is the big rolling bag with the giant project in the works. It's very large. VERY. The other tote bag on top of that has a couple small projects in the works.

All told....I have approximately 60 skeins/balls of yarn. It's nice to have it all organized and in one place. It's not all that nice to realize I have an addiction to yarn on the cheap....DH saw it and said "uhh, you have quite a collection there". He'd been warned beforehand via phone about the numbers. Six feet of yarn stash and materials....Are there meetings for this? Hi, I'm the Wench, and I'm addicted to yarn. In two years time, I have amassed 60 skeins of yarn. This does not include the projects I've completed already. Some were gifts, some were kept.

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