Monday, September 17, 2007

Welcome to yet another blog

I decided to jump on this site and start a blog here. I'll probably still use myspace, but to be honest, that site just bogs down my computer with the heavy graphics and crap. I am still back in the Dinosaur Days in terms of technology. I don't need much in terms of geeky crap. I'm just geeky enough to get by, and weird enough to entertain. And crap....OH boy do I have loads of it in my life. Some of it will get posted here because I'm the mom and I said I can. Grownups have that privilege. Alas, with privilege comes responsibility. Responsibility in the forms of a job, household, laundry, meal know that saying...."chief cook and bottle washer". Add a million other things to that and you have me....and every other mom on the planet.
And for those of you that know me by another name.....the new one is not shunning anything. I just needed my own name that wasnt tied to anyone else, my job, or my relationship to someone. The phrase describes me quite aptly and I'm rather proud of my moniker. I came up with it all by myself. At least I didn't pee on the carpet - give me some credit.

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