Tuesday, October 16, 2007

STOP the merry-go-round

As much as I was ticked about how the whole work fiasco went down a month ago, it worked out for me. Reader's Digest version: I have a merchandising job, and I was removed from service with an account because of someone's inability to follow chain of command. He's an ass and it will come back to visit him later. I have to do nothing at all but move forward, because that is the absolute best way to prove to him that he didn't hurt me at all. I've finally gotten an application completed with another type of work, and now wait for the company to review my application. In the meantime, I have actually gotten extra work that makes up for some of the work that was taken from me. And now I will be covering someone else's assignments for the next month during resets for the other account, and while the other person's husband has surgery. Which might be about enough time to hear back from the other company. In addition to all this, and trying to keep up with the kids' homework, I've been in preparation mode for a retreat. I was on the presenting team, so there was a good lot of beforehand and behind-the-scenes work needing to be done. I didn't get much sleep (3 hours Friday, and 3 Saturday) plus my usual late night habits. Add to this, I was in CONSTANT motion all weekend. I was so wiped out that I didn't get out of bed Monday. I literally took my child to school in my pajamas. We were late, and I walked to the classroom looking like a total schlub. I got home and crawled back in bed. I didn't even have the energy to walk across the house to go to the bathroom. Today was better, but I'm a little sluggish still. I am working on a crochet project for a friend. I started it while I was at the car dealer waiting on some warranty work to be done last week. I got most of it done while I was there. It was a small item, and I was at the dealer a long time. So now I'm finishing my herbal tea and crawling back to bed soon...very very soon. I'm still exhausted.

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