Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh the things we do as parents!

We made headway with the oldest child and his school issue. It involved a meeting with a principal who seemed a tad too smug for my liking, and could have just talked to me YESTERDAY for 5 minutes to clarify his position on the decision instead of having me come back this morning. Then five million phone calls were made to the neighborhood school, school choice office, old school in SC, and back around again and again. Then a trip to the neighborhood school, followed by a trip downtown to the district headquarters, and we're now about half a step closer to being somewhere resembling where we are supposed to be. We ended up having to enroll him in the state's virtual school because of the difference in block scheduling between his old school and any of the schools here. In the meantime, I can't seem to get an answer from someone at the old school. Do they not have long distance calls permitted or something? For the love of pete answer the stinkin phone! We're exploring the option of getting his final exams etc, administered at the neighborhood high school so he can get credit from the old for the first semester's stuff.
Are you confused yet? Because it took a couple rounds of explanation for it to wrap around my last remaining synapse. The other one was a bit busy misfiring out of frustration. But we're somewhere forward of where we were before now. Then when the boy and I got home this afternoon, I refused to do, say, think, or talk about the remaining steps in this home/virtual school process. It only took a month for it to get resolved. I guess I need to get better at poking the bee's nest, and with enough skill to avoid getting stung.

Anyone got a spare computer of any kind that I can have, borrow, use, buy? In a dream world, Mom would get a zippy laptop with a wireless connection and she can plunk her happy hiney in the quiet of her room and be online while the boy is doing school work. But of course, I'm fully awake, so we know what that means.
All I know is he better make really good money so he can pay for my luxury retirement villa.
That, and it's a REALLY good thing I don't have one of those full time job things, because with all the legwork, phone calls, and other crap I'm doing for the overall good of the members of my household. I'd likely be very unemployed right now. I told Devildog this when he got home, as I finished making dinner. Poor man has almost forgotten what a meal is like because things have just been crazy here. He was sweet to me, which makes Persnickety gag and barf every time, so I'll spare her the details. I think he was just delirious because I was actually going to put FOOD in his belly. His excitement caused him to leak some sugar. It's a good thing he was sitting down when I told him we were the proud parents of a virtual school student in case other stuff leaked. I was just in mission-mode today, determined to get SOMEWHERE with this, that I didn't even get around to calling him even once. Surprise! You're a homeschool parent!


Jackie said...

What an ordeal! Not surprising though. Hope it gets resolved soon.

Persnickety Ticker said...

What makes me gag is that you two have been married for umpteen years and you still have the hots for each other...it's just not NORMAL!

(i'm not jealous...nope...not me, not now, not ever.)

Heather and Amber said...

We are using the Georgia Virtual Academy for Heather and we love it! I know it's not the same for an older kid, but I hope it goes well.

MrsSoersdal said...

Yikes, surprise homeschooling! I don't know if I could meet that cheerfully. You're a stronger woman than I.