Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's mah Birthday!

And I'm goin' to Diiiizzzneeey
This song is repeating in my head now that the clock has struck midnight.

sing it with me now

It's mah Buurrrrrrfday
and I'm goin' tuh Diiizzzneeey

It's mah Buurrrrrrfday
and I'm goin' tuh Diiizzzneeey

It's mah Buurrrrrrfday
and I'm goin' tuh Diiizzzneeey

And Persnickety and I are going without churrins! That's right ladies and gentlemen, we're leaving the spawn behind and doing Disney like adults! *snort*

You know that means we will be bigger kids without the kids along for the ride right? Sometimes, I get together with other people, like my sister, or oh...pick a friend any friend....and we do crazy stuff in stores when we don't have the kids with us. Perhaps I'll have to get my sister to send me the pictures so I can post them.
Anyway, back to me and my birthday song....Have you ever done Disney as an adult with no kids in tow? Well, I haven't done Disney since a few months before I met Devildog, and that was a lonnnng time ago, and I was a kid myself then. And no wiseass remarks about my age either. My Clone is utterly pissed at me and just hurt, I tell you HURT, maimed, neglected, unloved, slighted in the worst way, because I am not taking her too. I may as well have slapped her face with a glove and challenged her to a duel for all she cares. She's young. She doesn't register that whole "not enough money to take everybody to The House of Mouse". I get in free because it's my birthday. I am the queen of cheap and thrifty. But I am willing to splurge. Times like this, I do just that. Because it's mah burrrrfday! I'm goin' tuh Diiizzzneeeey!


MrsSoersdal said...

It occurs to me that I've hit the jackpot with having a baby on my birthday. It means I can take him for his birthday every year and he and I both go for FREE!! SWEET!

But it WOULD be nice to go without the kids. I'm betting you could get positively drunk at Epcot. I was pregnant last time I was there but I was gazing longingly at the many international wines.


Jackie said...

Happy Birthday!

Heather and Amber said...

Happy Birthday and have fun at Disney!!! I'm jealous too!