Saturday, January 17, 2009

I thought Saturday was for relaxing?

I had a ministry training session this morning at church. This kind of stuff is something I need, and make every opportunity to take because I develop new skills, and grow into a new role. That role, is currently not fully defined, but it is making hints available. I also know that this training for a ministry, is also very valuable in whatever career I find myself in later. You know, that whole "When I grow up" thing that I keep avoiding apparently.
Then I allowed the kids to have a friend over today. She's an only child, and for some really insane reason, she likes the chaos of my house. I might be tempted to trade places with her every once in a while. I like quiet. I didn't used to like quiet this much, but overexposure to a certain child who shall remain nameless, makes me crave silent space. I have seriously considered participating in a silent retreat that is occasionally available nearby. This friend of the kids started out as a friend of the oldest, and everyone else kind of laid claim to her as their friend too. I tried teaching her to crochet, but to no avail. We're incompatible as student and teacher with yarn.
While I was gone to training, the phone company guy came to check the phone lines. He returned when I got home, and found my phone cord, OF ALL THINGS, was bad. Then since my modem was like 5 years old, and apparently prone to firmware failure, I got a new modem and some phone cord. If there's a bill for this, I'm sure it will become blog fodder. I have that maintenance plan, so I'm hoping the charges are slim to none. That very well could be my chances of that kind of billing too. But I have my DSL back and I am very grateful. Dial. Up. Was. Killing. My. Impatient. Nerves. Waiting. For. One. Page. To. Load. Searching for real estate was a royal pain because graphics and dial-up are like putting Tang in milk. It's gonna be bad.
I'm also thankful that the oldest cooked dinner, and saved me the hassle. I like cooking, I just appreciate when someone else cooks. It makes the food taste better. Usually.
I scheduled the Clone for a kids' Learn to Knit class at a library next Saturday. However because the class was already full, and I mentioned that I knit, I got roped into helping, which allowed Clone to be part of the class. So next Saturday is looking to be another busy day, and the Saturday after that is a training session for a different ministry.
Then there's Super Bowl Sunday.


Persnickety Ticker said...

Tang in milk...umm..yeah. I'm back off to the bathroom to worship after that visual. Gee. Thanks.

Word vert: giveys. What I have been doing in abundance in the last 24 hours.

shoot me now

MrsSoersdal said...

yurgh dialup ugh. So glad for you that you don't have to deal with that anymore!