Friday, January 9, 2009

Therapy, in public

Today, was bad. Very very very BAAAAAAD. (Sheep anyone?) And I refuse to give the crap any credence at this moment. I will say that the day involves PMS for two, overexposure to the 15 year old, and all of this while Devildog was cheering for his favorite team in the National Championships. Which by the way, you know it's bad when the Devildog was around the boy for all of two and a half hours this afternoon, and the boy annoyed the crap out of Devildog the entire time Devildog was home. When he told me this, I thought "Welcome to my world pal". So, to recap....PMSing mom left with PMSing Clone, pesky 15 year old, and a loud 14 year old. While Dad goes to a friend's house to watch a major football game. Under normal circumstances, no big deal. But all these combined, was not pleasant. The kids and I got to eat a meal Devildog wouldn't touch for anything. Then I got really annoyed by the oldest and in my attempts to decompress, I went to Ravelry to drool over yarn and patterns. And found an announcement. Wheeee! Knitting Therapy and in public. Join us if you like. But don't mock us. We knit so we don't kill people and it's often much cheaper than therapy, plus you get something tangible out of it, and it's not generally constructed out of an empty oatmeal container. Plus for the few weeks that Florida has cold temperatures, warmth can be available from the creations.

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MrsSoersdal said...

Oh! I wish I could go to that! Unfortunately, I've got the baby and also Husband is making me go to New Orleans that weekend. Dang. Next one that comes up, I'll be there knitting my pathetic easy pattern baby hats :)

Also, I definitely understand the eating while Husband is away thing. I get to have things like ravioli in pesto sauce.