Friday, January 16, 2009

Lost and Found

I have lost the use of my computer much of the day when I'm home because my oldest is doing virtual school and has to be online to do his assignments. In the meantime, I've found that I am having computer withdrawals. I have found that I'm forced to face that I've been sorely ignoring my home care tasks. I have lost my mind a few times. There's no hope for finding that, so please save your search party for something worthwhile. Like my sunglasses. The plastic tortoise frames with dark amber/brown polarized lenses. THOSE sunglasses.
Not their predecessors that are kept in the van for such emergencies as losing the more current model, or leaving them at home. I have this habit of wearing them into the house and setting them down somewhere. The last time I recall even having them, was the day I took the old stove to its new owner's home. I had lunch with a friend, and later that day after servicing one of my stores, I came home feeling terribly billious. It's what my dad called the feeling he got after consuming some canned soup in the aftermath of a gangrenous gall bladder removal. I felt like I was going to lose my lunch in a bad way. I'd much rather contend with PMS instead of that. So I was just a blur of "pleasedontpuke, pleasedontpuke, pleasedontpuke", and I have absolutely no freaking clue where I put my sunglasses. It's been a week already and those buggers are still MIA. And before anyone comments about me needing sunglasses in the middle of wintery weather, remember I live in the SUNSHINE state. Snowbirds won't ever believe we get cold weather here. However, we do. So, even when it's 20 degress outside, the sun still flashes in my eyeballs. It's akin to a cop's mag-lite being pointed full force at the pupils. I don't know this sensation personally, except that Devildog is a big kid, and seems to think it's dandy fun to play with the flashlights and aim the beam at someone's eyes. And since the sun is exponentially brighter than a cop's flashlight, I need my sunglasses. I've tried those prayers for lost items. I think the answer came back "Reply Hazy, Try Again". I think I'm being given that non-commital answer, so that I'll clean things back up around here, and then I'll find the buggers. I just hope I find them before my birthday next week. I have plans for that sunny day, and will definitely need my sunglasses. It's not so cool to be all squinty on one's birthday. One will get up the next day and suddenly find wrinkles that were not there previously. That would definitely be a bad birthday present.

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Jackie said...

Happy Early Birthday! It's my birthday next week too! You'll find those sunglasses at the oddest time. Maybe buy another pair? That always seems to make what you've lost reappear.