Sunday, January 25, 2009

That blur was me

Last week was a whirling dervish of activity. I was working hard then playing hard, then working some more. Somewhere in there I caught that lovely virus from Persnickety, and that bugger moves fast apparently. So it was a combination of the teacups and the virus that did me in on my birthday. Friday night was stuff for the Beast, and I met with a friend for coffee. Apparently she was needing a "Feisty Fix" that I don't quite understand. I really don't think I'm that interesting or addicting that a person other than my spouse or spawn actually craves time with me. Then I had stuff all day Saturday, culminating with celebrating someone else's birthday, and being a designated driver, because I just know how this particular crew rolls. Then today was "check the hellraiser tendencies" day, and I was going to a knit in public event when it started raining. I turned the mom-bus around, and was summarily scolded by my clone who wanted to go be in a park with yarny people. Ohh, the corruption I've done to this child. She learned to knit Saturday (it was one of the stuffs we did), and she was excited and wanted to go play with her new found talent around other yarn friends. I visited with the neighbor a bit while Clone played with their little man, and when the grannies (grannie and great grannie) arrived, we stayed a few minutes longer and came home. I threw a late dinner together and I'm stuffed on acorn squash. The baked ziti was of no interest to me what so ever.

So, I will apologize now for not having a Disney update for you. Really, I just have not had the energy, and with Oldest doing virtual school, he's been hogging my computer and it's driving me batty. I hope this week is lower key, but somehow, I think it will not be AS low key as I would like it. But it might not stack up to be such a blurry week either.


Jackie said...

Sorry you couldn't make it. The rain broke us up early. Clone would have been bored to tears - absolutely no kids around anywhere! I've never been to the park before and think it would be a nice place to take a walk with the pups.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I love your Ravelry button - how do I get one?