Saturday, January 3, 2009

No resolutions, diet or special goals here

I was just over at the Suburban Correspondent's place and she posted this nice blog advising that based on a couple studies, dieting during cold and flu season is a bad idea.
Devildog is all about getting in shape, just inconsistent with his efforts, and occasionally misguided. For instance, his food consumption could be better. As in, rather than eat one meal a day of huge proportions, he should eat more often. Hey, it's how I keep my girlish figure. That alone will aid his effort to lose weight. But who am I to speak to a Marine about health and dietary concerns anyway right? However, we're not speaking of my lack of strength today. Maybe we can talk of that another time, like when we're packing up and moving to whatever house we buy that hopefully will have enough bedrooms to keep the teenagers from killing each other every other minute of the day they're in the same dwelling. I will just play the old injuries card as long as I can, but don't tell the Devildog even though I suspect he's onto my game here.
Part of good health is adequate sleep, according to a million other studies that I won't link to or reference. It's hard to sleep well when you have apnea and keep your spouse awake half the time, or interrupt HER sleep repeatedly throughout the night. I especially love the comments from him about my needing a nap, or falling asleep at the desk late at night. He's prone to falling asleep in front of SportsCenter, and last night was no exception. The difference this time was that instead of being slouched down in the chair or with his feet on the coffee table....he was sideways in the chair like our youngest child, my clone, crashes in the chair. The only reason I dare share this picture was because he had a blanket over him, and he was sideways. I will spare you the typical visual I would get if I'd remembered to turn the heat back on after we'd had windows open yesterday. Ahh, the perks of living in snow to shovel. This wench doesn't do cold, so I'll thank you not to comment about how much snow and ice you have, nor what germs are residing in your person because you decided to start a diet before cold and flu season ended.

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Kristin said...

I can't wait to move to Florida for that exact reason! I went to get my mail yesterday and was horribly assaulted by the bitter cold.

And eating more often has definitely helped me lose weight. There's no dieting to it. Weight training and eating breakfast. Seriously, adding those two things and an afternoon snack has helped me lose 20 pounds on a diet of pizza and Chinese food.