Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Persnickety

Happy Birthday Persnickety! It seems that I wasn't the only one with a cold arse birthday. I think Persnickety's birthday works out to be several degrees colder than mine was. There was ice on my windows, and the grass was frozen. My elephant ears are decimated by the cold. I will post pictures later. For now though, I have to take the Beast to school....AGAIN...for the THIRD time this week. It's alllllll the way across town, and this city is geographically huuuuge. It's the equivalent to 2 towns over for smaller places. Then I have a 'naughty parent' conference with the principal this morning because Clone is late to school so much. Oh I so hope Persnickety has been having some semblance of fun in Disney this week. Because at least one of us would be having fun somewhere. It's been one of those weeks. On the bright side, I have a plaque hanging over my desk that she gave me a while back that says "It's great to have a friend to grow old with. YOU GO FIRST!" I feel loved, wouldn't you?

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Persnickety Ticker said...

Thank you. It was a balmy 68 at the hottest and a record low of 34 in the morning for Orlando on Friday. I had a somewhat good time. I could have used less badmouthing from brother-in-law. I didn't hear from a soul. NONE of my friends or family that I wasn't actually already at the park with called me on my birthday. Nobody. I even checked my phone to make sure it was still working. Disney has an obnoxiously overdecorated to look like a very tall tree cell tower right in the middle of the "African savannah" so I had full bars and everything....

No calls.

My sister had like 13 messages. Half were from family.

The high point of my day was a trash can that sang happy birthday to me after I threw away my Mountain Dew bottle.