Thursday, February 5, 2009

Circle of Life

I jumped online to check email. I was interested in the responses from my parish family with their recommendations for an OB/Gyn because someone is supposed to catch this new milk monkey in September, right? I caught glimpse of Mary Ellen's post over at The Bonny Blue House with the news that a father, husband, friend, faithful servant and author collapsed and died Tuesday. His published works supply the college funds for their children. It is what I fear most, that I would find my life in such a challenging and heart wrenching position as Amy Welborn and her children find themselves. Amy has asked that if anyone wishes to act in a tangible way, to please buy Michael Dubruiel's books since the proceeds go directly to the college funds. Come to find out that apparently this family is not too far away from where I am in the state.
I cannot fathom the loss, and I know my prayers are helping ease the spiritual and emotional burden of this family. I would imagine that given their public station, they have a large rally of support. I know that given the small frame of my parish and the two ministries out of the several that I participate in, that anytime there is a loss, a birth, an adoption, an illness or injury, or any place of need, that somewhere will almost magically appear a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold, and something tangible to help. Meals, supplies, other resources and friendship are poured out like wine at a feast. I am certain that when this new milk monkey arrives, my family will be well fed on international fare, can be driven places they need to go if I can't drive them, will have someone to entertain the Clone if needed. I can get a nap without guilt between the older kids helping and the other hands jumping in where needed. For a girl whose mother is deceased, this is the kind of support I need. My mom was not the type to show up for 2 weeks and take care of her baby who had a baby. It just wasn't her wiring to do that. But it was nice to know she would help if I truly needed it. I didn't mean to wax nostalgic there...we'll blame it on the hormonal shifts. Yeah, and I'm sticking to that story too. Those same hormones make me feel green as the Grinch or Kermit some days. I am trying to avoid the constant green feeling from this new life, all while staving off getting emotionally overwrought for the loss of those we now miss. Plus, having typed "international fare" made me think of the Puerto Rican, Filipino, and Southern foods that will grace my family later this year. And now I'm hungry. Again. Oh, wait. It's been two hours since I ate something. That could be why. But it doesn't stop me from craving empanadas, lumpia, macaroni and cheese, pancit, and Lord knows what else is sent. Oh. Sorry. I guess I've made you hungry too. Such is my life, it's not such a neat circle.

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MrsSoersdal said...

Well, now I feel kind of dumb for yabbering on about how interesting and great your life is before actually reading this post.

Checking out Michael's books at my local B&N or Borders tomorrow - I hear Amazon does terrible things to an author's profits - and sending prayers their way.

Hope your appetite is satiated soon :)