Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brothers and Pants

So on the brotherly front, my boys are seemingly not killing each other - at least openly. However, MY brother has been dealing with drama. His wife-on-paper's boyfriend apparently made threats to my brother and my brother called the cops. The boyfriend is just doing whatever he can to goad my brother. Thankfully, our father's cool headed genetics prevail for my brother. His daughter is reaping the difficulties of this drama day in and day out over there. I just want to bring the girl to my house and take care of her till this all blows over, just to insulate her from the stupidity, and make sure she's taken care of properly. Whatever happens between my brother and his wife-on-paper is their thing. My concern is my niece. So I went over there to possibly retrieve the niece in case things got ugly. Wife-on-paper was going with niece to get a bit of groceries when I arrived. Brother had to be at work later, so I once again took him. Yesterday I got a yum-o-la pizza out of the deal. Today, he used a Entertainment book coupon and got two for one at Moe's. Homewrecker carries a full-faceted meaning for him. Apparently he really did not have any food in the house. In the mile between Moe's and the interstate, the boy snarfed the entire Homewrecker, just short of licking the foil. I said "Geez hon, hungry much?" My Clone responded with "Well DUUUUH, he hasn't eaten anything ALL day!"

Then in other news, I've lost the battle with my waistbands. Yesterday was the last day of wearing my non-preggo pants. Thankfully my friend L. loaned me her maternity clothes. Sadly, she's much shorter than I am and some of them are just too short, while others were just hemmed too short by her well-meaning mother. L granted permission to take the hems out, saying she wasn't happy with them either. Chrissy gave me some great advice on how to iron the crease out of the pants hems and I'll try it later when I don't feel like I ate too fast or too much. Leftover yummy non-traditional pizza, Chicken Pasta & Chickpea Stew, and now some tater tots. I'm trying to drink a lot of water, because I apparently eat a lot of salty foods. This whole "eat-every-two-hours-to-avoid-nausea" diet is packing on the pounds. I am now conceding defeat and wearing maternity clothes. At least I can wear something other than my pajama and lounge pants, and maybe it will inspire me to do something other than lounge. Somehow, like shoes, my pants have some sort of impact on my ability to function.


Persnickety Ticker said...

Where as pants at my house seem to impede functionality. If it's not being done naked it isn't getting done.

On the plus side, pantless is how we got the punk finally potty trained. So, ya know...bonus!

Word Vert: resupn. Oh just leave me alone and go to your room and resupn! (read something)(remember I blame the meds)

Jackie said...

Hope things work out with your brother. Sounds like you're being a good sister and aunt. Maternity pants, dontcha just love them?