Friday, September 12, 2008

My staff & my minions

I've had this blog for about a year so far. I may start moving posts from my old blog to this page and close the other one down. Some posts I should delete and leave them a memory.

I share the people of my life with my reader(s). I tend to assign nicknames to those around me for the purpose of blogging about them. They didn't ask to be my blog, so I need to give them some modicum of dignity *snort*. It could be argued that if they didn't do something blog-worthy, they wouldn't need a nickname either. But since they do, here are my staff of minions that never listen to a word I say, or if they do, they disregard it completely and suffer the pain of my shrieking at them for it. Since I talk about them, I may as well explain who they are and stuff.

DevilDog/DH - the Dear Husband now on Couch Company after his adventures in the Marine Corps and then the National Guard (to show them what squared away looks like). Sixteen years ago he stopped me in the middle of a sentence, and I lost cognitive function for at least 5 minutes - all with his eyes. I'm a sucker for eyes. I joke that he bleeds orange. Some have called him Mr. Feisty, but honestly people...he's not suited to the word.

Oldest- Teenage son who is um....not normal (can't imagine where on earth he gets it) and lives with MIL in another state. I love him dearly and miss him immensely.

Wildebeast/Beast or Middle Child- Second Teenage son who is even more off kilter than his older brother, and has a propensity to smell. He's currently named because of this event.

Clone - the youngest spawn that is so much like me the DevilDog is reallllllly in for it. He brought it on himself quite honestly, by wanting a girl. I wanted another boy. I commented the other day "God help whatever mate you have!" after a particularly attitude filled moment of hers. DH gave me a look and said "She's JUST like you...." hinting at the need for sympathy for him. None granted, he pursued me first.

Persnickety Ticker - someone who knows dark secrets about me and I keep her around so I can make sure she doesn't spill any beans. Actually we went to high school together, and she just gets me without explanation. She thinks it's great to have a friend to grow old with, and told me to go first since I'm 2 weeks older than she is.

CC - someone who I met right before Clone was created, and we just clicked like sisters. Oddly enough she's got a stranger bent of humor than I have. If I could've picked a big sister, this one would've been it.

Dad - Sexy Senior Citizen that co-spawned me at a late age.

Siblings - Dad spawned 6 of us between 2 marriages. I don't mention names, because there's enough drama that name calling really is not necessary. I tend to talk to the younger two more than the older ones. I have a single younger sister with a traincar full of her own baggage, and a younger brother whose daughter is 3 months younger than mine. He has the whole damn train.

Then I have lots of imaginary internet friends (phrase shamelessly stolen from another blog) and they can speak for themselves, since most of them have a blog of their own that I stalk.

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