Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's a trackless Thursday for me

I am here today not to give you a funny story about my offspring, though they are entertaining on a regular basis. It's rather random today, hence I'm not on track, I have no track, it seems that everything is OFF track. Therefore it's Trackless. I started my day rather normally except I got a really gross text message from my sister.
It said ( "Dad's eye has been irritated for weeks by... A roach leg....") I think I urched in my mouth a bit. And SHUDDERED. I later called her and she regaled me with the disgusting details.
Ew. Just EW. This is worse than the sibling toothbrush situation (which incidentally has been remedied by a new supply of brushes)
Later, I was sitting here listening to a show on Blogtalkradio and heard a bunch of heavy equipment, enough that it rattled and shook my concrete block house.

I went outside to find small machines moving storm debris piles into one big my yard.

It was then collected by the big truck with the claw scoop on top of it

And then the claw scoop operator stayed on top of the truck and rode down the street to the next consolidated pile of storm debris caused by Fay's Florida Vacation (he's that fuzzy white dot on top of the big black truck)

And now I'm off to start dinner. I'm starving(because skinny wenches like me have to eat 10 times a day or we become a word similar to wench but not nearly as nice....)

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Heather said...


I have no problems with spiders but I HATE crunchy bugs, and they are at the top of my list.