Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Don't need tickets to the circus

Because I have my own personal freak show right at home. My middle child...the adventure never ceases. Today as he downloaded his school day to me, I was thinking in the back of my mind..."I'm glad he feels comfortable telling me about his day...but man oh man...some days I'd really like for him to go call a friend and just give me the Reader's Digest version." Then he got to the part about bending his arm so that his bent elbow is pointing in front of him (said something about checking his sunburn peeling) and one of his classmates was just amazed and brought this little feat to the teacher's attention. The teacher gave an incredulous look apparently. Then as word spreads like a fire in a gas line at any middle school, the next period someone said something about Middle-child-itis's ability to bend in funky fashion, and someone else commented about fists in faces.....yes, my middle son can do that too. He proceeded to stick his fist in his mouth. Then wanted me to take a picture. I told him that since someone did something with my battery charger, rendering it lost so I can't use my camera. (that someone kid has got to stop moving my stuff, because someone's sibling I don't know is gaining popularity around here too)
The boy grabbed my cellphone, went off to the kitchen for better light and took pictures with it of himself...fist in mouth. He showed it to me and I told him it looked like a foot in his mouth.

"I can probably do that too"


Anonymous said...

I have a child that can do that, put his foot in his mouth! Course, since thats where it spends most of its time.... Sorry, no pics available! I definitely think its the middle child syndrome thing going on with him too!

MrsSoersdal said...

I used to get a lot of attention for being able to bend over backwards and grab my ankles. Also I can braid my toes together without using my hands. Interestingly, I can still do these things but I don't get "wow that's awesome" anymore so much as "you're a freak!" now I'm an adult. Sad.