Monday, September 8, 2008

Life according to my tart teenager

My son apparently felt a need to download his day with me. He's obviously not discovered the world outside of Mommy like his brother had at this point, which rendered my home phone useless from excessive calling a hundred others outside the house and talking till the battery said "awww crap" and died. Nope this boy still likes me, and provides entertainment that I in turn share with you.

Story #1:
Middle boy came to the kitchen detailing how his apparent partner for a class project failed to complete her share of the work, resulting in a craptacular grade. This partner said a couple weeks ago that she almost failed before and she didn't want that to happen again (psst! actually DOING the work helps prevent that). Boy said "see..i dont think she likes me very much, but she said i'm her friend ::confused look:: I think she's bipolar"

Story #2:
Middle boy is also taking Spanish at school, and since I took Spanish he comes to me saying stuff in foreign words to practice. Fine by me, I don't mind the practice. He came to me and said "la boca" and asked if I knew what it meant. (that was a simple one son, Dora has more complicated vocabulary)
"your masticator"
"la boca"
"your masticator"
"in English"
"I used English"
"The redneck word for it then"

He's gotten rather chatty with me recently....not sure what to make of it entirely. I may have to start eyeing him suspiciously for some additional entertainment.

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tinkguy said...

Re: Story #1: I look forward to your posts telling Middle Child how to read what a girl is REALLY thinking. I'll sign up for your classes.