Monday, September 22, 2008

Hair Dropping

I just spent the first day of my two week "reset run" as I call it, wondering why I do this job I do. It's decent pay, for a decent company, I haven't COMPLETELY ticked off my boss, and I've been doing it for almost five years, so I have a clue, and it's easy enough for me. The exceptions would be those other particpants that keep finding their way back out of Darwin's waiting room. It was an incredibly frustrating workday. I have a regular merchandising job, and I'm helping a coworker who has a situation meriting my help with resets. Reciprocation isn't permitted though, otherwise I would've been outta the store before dinnertime today. I hope the rest of the resets are not NEARLY as frustrating or as many hours. This is just "one of those weeks". The resets got pushed back again and again, then some training that was rescheduled due to Fay's Florida Vacation takes place this week, across town, at the height of rush hour traffic going en masse into the next county. Plus those two rescheduled items crunch up with the rest of my calendar. I'll be needing a new bottle of Whaler's as soon as the resets are finished. My last bottle was emptied at the pajama party. I'll REALLLLLY need it by then. REALLY. I want to think that today was the worst because it was the first reset, the product didn't get sent to the store in time for me to start on it earlier than noon, and somehow two carts full of books that aren't going to be returned, nor put anywhere on the sales floor will somehow magically fit into the little bit of storage space available to me. I MacGuyvered some things so I wouldn't have to fenagle more space for heavy printed material. Yes, I deviated from the PlanOGram. Go lose some hair over it.

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