Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When stuff happens it gets settled

And it all settles in ONE week of my calendar. I will survive. I just do not know if I can bank on surviving my daughter's PMS. Rather, I should say, that I hope and pray the males can survive her PMS. She was hellified EEEEVOLLLLL today, and I STILL have a headache from it. Tomorrow, I might have to throw chocolate in her direction from around the corner and wait for it to kick in to get near her. I chuckle to think that my husband WANTED a girl, and he got one. She is every bit my clone. Except a few years experience taught me how to deal with my own PMS. I just hide in my corner and let him tend to the PMS laden little girl - that he wanted all while forgetting that girls get PMS and make his life hell. In a few years he's going to think boys were a good idea like I did 7 years ago. Him: old man. Her: Teen with hormones gone terribly awry. Me: Menopausal mother of teen with hormones gone terribly awry. Yeah, things eventually settle.

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MrsSoersdal said...

Yikes! I remember like 2 years before I ever even got my first period my mom thought every bad mood I was in must mean that I had PMS and was about to get my first period. This, of course, ticked me off sooooooo much that I yelled even MORE. Never understood why she kept goading me like that.