Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who's in your pocket?

I said the other day that I dislike election season. I keep getting giant oversized flyers and post cards from candidates spouting what they think is rhetoric I want to hear. As I said before, I am willing to share my opinions with the candidates, but they need to come see me and find out what is important to me. I'm now getting phone calls with pre-recorded messages from candidates....and I know I put my number on the national do not call registry. I just got another call from a candidate saying "vote for meee!" and he was kind enough to give his website address. I was almost convinced I could research this candidate more, till the last line of the biography... noting an affiliation with First Baptist Church, the megachurch that takes up more city blocks than city government buildings do. I've also been privvy to information about certain aspects of that particular church that make me wonder where they stopped being a true house of God, and became such a force in this city that garners both such favor and disdain. If you haven't noticed, I don't like this church, more on principle than personal experience. And if you haven't read my own history, I married a Baptist, so I'm not bashing that particular faith, just this particular organization's propensity to take over things. I don't vote for candidates affiliated with this particular church because I have concerns of these individuals mixing religion with politics in such a way that it utterly perverts the process. My husband thinks it's stupid of me to think this way, but after all it's not his vote, it's MY vote. I don't question his logic on his vote. Some vote on the pro-life/pro-choice platform, some on economics, some on another aspect of the campaign. I try to look at the overall picture and locally I look at which apple tree they've dropped from on their way to the candidate registration department at the Supervisor of Elections office. Yes, dear candidate, I do judge you by the company you keep. Choose your friends wisely.

As the CapitolOne commercials end with "What's in your wallet?", I'll ask the candidates, "Who's in YOUR pocket?"

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MrsSoersdal said...

I'm a Christian (Catholic) and I'm political. It used to be most Christians wanted separation of church and state because they didn't want the ruling religion to be a different denomination than their own. That's been kind of tossed out by politicians who think a great way to get votes is to appeal to the larger churches where the preachers can tell the parishioners how to vote. Unfortunately, it works. Fortunately, it's not working as well as it did about 8 years ago.