Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm on duty

And have been since the middle of last night. My clone has been combatting a tummyache that accompanied the losing of contents. I feel so bad for her, and it makes me revert to the doting mother syndrome. My baby just wants to be left alone though. She tried to go to school, because that girl just can't stand to miss a day. Try as she might, certain things like ADD tendencies and being my clone render her short on the stick quite often. Last time there was imminent danger of missing a day, she whined with hysterical sobs that perfect attendance was the only award she got at the end of the year and if she stayed home, she wouldn't get ANY award. So again, today she gave it the college try. I had that facilitating of a peer group thing at the church this morning, and I would have been leaving the group with one facilitator. The one co-facilitator that had a deathbed in-law, now has a dead in-law. So she wasn't going to be there. I was geared up to leave early and get there on time to help set up because my past tardiness has frustrated my team. Then the girl woke up in the middle of the night and proceeded to get sick. DevilDog has a weak stomach like his mother, and they both are self-proclaimed sympathy pukers. I got a fair portion of my father's iron stomach. Somehow DevilDog held his stomach and its contents for the better part of a couple hours, and didn't lose it. I'm so proud of him, and bragged about it to my friends. Seriously, it's the little things that mean a lot right? Lucky bugger that he is though, he had to go to work. EARRRRRRLY, before the sun appeared on the horizon's butt-crack. Then he got to stay and work late. So my plan for grocery shopping was punted by the wayside. Clone has been sleeping on and off all day since I picked her up early from school. She ate some of my chicken noodle soup and went back to sleep. Then when Beast's viewing of "Forrest Gump" proved to be too loud for her liking, she slunk off into my bed where it's quieter. (It IS after all, why I like my room-the potential for quiet.) And I'm still here on duty, craving a HAMBURGER of all things. Ground beef is on my shopping list but again, I'm on duty and don't want to leave Beast to tend a sick sister while dad gets to work late. And my back is killing me, so I'd end up having to get a fart cart as Persnickety calls them...which the pain savings for using that will be negated by my having to lift things like milk, meat and the like. I'm bebating the rum or the ibuprofin at the moment...and I realllllly want a hamburger. *sigh*

UPDATE: DevilDog stopped at the grocery store on his way home from work and got stuff like creamer for the coffee and ginger ale for the clone, and cans of soup she's not likely to eat while the pot of my mom-made soup is available. He contemplated getting me a double cheeseburger that I would have relished as I happily devoured it. But thought about the money he'd spend and decided a grocery store stop was more economical, even though it would have been cheaper to get a double cheeseburger for me than the sushi he procured. That's fine and dandy by me though, because earlier today while starving and on duty, I longed for a burger and/or sushi while I ate a grilled cheese sandwich. Which reminds me, I should ask if he bought bread. I realized why my back is killing me. The clone was getting sick this morning and I grabbed her and flew to the bathroom with her. I wrenched my back moving my puky baby. The things a mother does for her children. Ice packs and ibuprofin are my friends right now. And if dh will help me make the bed, that bed will be a friend too. Which, he just kissed me goodnight and informed me he's sleeping in the clone's bed. I guess I'm on the futon unless I can muster the ability to get the sheets back on my bed.

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