Sunday, October 26, 2008

Diva Day

I love my new haircut. I was able to wash my hair this morning before church, and it dried before we left (late of course-fantasy league vortex got me). Friday, I scored some kick-butt boots at a consignment shop that was consolidating with another location. The price was good on the boots anyway, but 50% off was even better, and opened the way for another pair of diva shoes and a nicer t-shirt style top. The boots hadn't been worn either. In any case, I've already gotten my money's worth from those boots. I wore them Friday night to a party. Today I wore the boots with a lightweight denim jacket over a wrap dress that I feared would languish in the closet for lack of closed toe shoes in cooler temperatures. And no comments about Florida's "winter". There isn't much meat on my bones, so it doesn't take much to heat or cool me. In any case, I was looking quite the diva today and got lots of great feedback from those around me. It really does a person's ego and soul a bit of good to get unsolicited compliments. I do believe I had a "diva walk" about me today as well.
Then I got invited to go to the football They had an extra ticket, and were happy to fill the seat. I said I had to definitely change clothes because I was not going to the game looking like a diva (not that I would have curtailed my cheering because of my attire). I admitted to making fun of women showing up at the football games, dressed in diva-wear, apparently in hopes of picking up a man. It's faulty logic, if that is the case.
If you really have no interest in football, you're in the wrong place to look for a guy. There's almost a 100% chance that he's there for the game. This guy is not for you. You're setting yourself up for misery. He's not going to change his stance on football just because you're sashaying your cash and prizes around him, in an attempt to distract him from the game. He's going to continue to enjoy football and leave you to your own vices. If you want his company, you're in for a sore disappointment. Instead of the stadium on gameday, you need to go elsewhere, like Home Depot while the game is on. THOSE guys in the big orange box store either have an emergency and don't have time to talk to you, or they don't care what's going on in terms of football. It stands to reason that the employees there probably are an exception to this logic of mine. So, rather than make it apparent that the air between your ears is swirling at a massive velocity, avail yourself to those who aren't going to make you a football widow. Your only other alternative is to educate yourself about the game and become a fan. Which, is way more interesting to guys than the diva deal you have going on there. Thankfully someone helped educate me about the game about 10 years ago. I've met many of the male species that find it refreshing that I "get it" and I love to watch the game. They also appreciate that I don't ask certain questions in the middle of a big play (or any play for that matter). A smart diva knows these things, and becomes hoarse from cheering at the game. Thankfully I have a keyboard to enable me to convey this to you, because I don't think my voice will hold up to the talking.