Sunday, October 26, 2008

I just can't win

First, I need to vent just ONE tiny second, and really don't require a response to this portion of my blog entry. I can't wait for election day to be over. EVERY day the mail is delivered, I get at a minimum of 2 campaign flyers. MINIMUM. TWO. DAILY. Can't they figure out a better way to spend money. How about knocking on my door when I'm actually HOME (which isn't as often as it was a month ago) and getting my 2 cents. "Campaign season" is just about as bad as being sent to the yard to get your own switch, and then having to anticipate the sting for what seems like an interminable amount of time. Meanwhile all you're thinking is "Just smack me and get it over with so I can deal with it and move on from here."

Which interestingly enough, is kind of how I'm feeling at the moment. I can't seem to win with my family. Mostly my clone and my spouse. He's still pissed about the whole hair thing. I'm not even going to give it credence anymore.

Then Clone missed me today while I ran errands. I just didn't want to be distracted and aggrivated by children in the grocery store etc. They run off with my cart right as I turn to deposit a purchase into it for one thing. That was nice to control my own shopping cart. But she missed me. And after Devildog made burgers (his are da shizit) for dinner and I was puttering, I had to pee. Sorry, it's a human condition to eliminate liquid waste, I just choose to talk about it. I was reading something and enjoying the quiet. Apparently I was gone too long again. Clone was thirsty. She walked PAST the dad, and came to ask me for milk.
She walked past Devildog, who was sitting easily 20 feet closer to the milk, not behind a closed bathroom door on a commode, and not doing anything but watching ask ME for milk. Not just because she was thirsty.
Because she missed me. MISSED ME. WHYYYYYYY??? Nevermind, don't answer, I don't have the energy to entertain it.
Upon my departure from the water-closet (yes it's that small here), the conversation went like this: (Dev-DH. Me-Yours Truly)
Dev "You made her cry" (because I told her to go ask him since I was on the potty)
Me "I was on the toilet. She walked past YOU to get to me"
Dev "you made her cry"
Me "But I was ON the toilet!"
Dev "She hasn't seen you all day"
Me "you're gone all the time and nobody cries about it"
Dev "because nobody loves me"
Me "No, that's because I make everybody's life easier"
::crickets chirping::


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Persnickety Ticker said...

Despite myself I started a fit of giggles at the conversation and the ensuing ::Crickets:: That was just too funny!!

Hair grows. He can get glad in the same pant he got mad in.

I get the "missed" thing here too as well as the lament about no one loving the male of the house. I just shoot back the proverbial..."Well, at least one kid loves you enough to still talk to you and bug you constantly."

Oddly he is not so appreciative...

I love the word vert tonight...hyroople. Sounds like a pet name or the name of a band. Or maybe I just need sleep...