Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gravity returns and I have fodder

I have been busy, and distracted with other things. I'm also making feeble attempts at productivity and cleaning something daily in my house. It's a failure at worst, progress at best.
I've stopped for the night basically and was gabbing with my gang in the chat room where I frequent. Someone mentioned another stimulus package in the works up in DC. I wouldn't know, since I do not watch the news that is full of doom, depressing information, and sadness. I can talk to a human being and get that kind of stuff, I don't need it fed to me. Plus with the lovely world of internet I can find it, or have it sent to me directly to read at my leisure when there aren't forty other things needing my attention at that VERY moment the news airs. Since there are forty things needing my attention 24/7, and there is news running on some channel 24/7...the attempt at forty other things wins. I didn't even know there were TWO tropical storms brewing out in the ocean. I'm kind of living at the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy at the moment and governmental crap isnt 100% top priority for me right this very second. In any case, I commented that any SAHM can balance a budget since it has to be done all the time on a small scale. It doesn't take a degree from an "Ivy League" university to run stuff effectively. Dave Thomas dropped out of high school, and there are plenty of Wendy's restaurants slinging food out windows daily. Apparently all those big schools of snobbery just teach their students how to make stuff all FUBAR.
Which if you really want it FUBAR, call the ordinance guys in the Marine Corps. They can FUBAR for ya.


Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO!!!!! SO TRUE SO TRUE! Trish, you are the greatest!

MrsSoersdal said...

I agree. Almost any small-timer could have seen this coming. In fact, I remember specifically learning in 7th grade that the great depression happened because of so much depending on the stock market, trading in imaginary money (what AIG was doing, basically), and high reliance on credit. There's a lot of blame going around and I think both parties are responsible for the deregulation that led to this so I don't like either of them right now, personally. If it weren't for the fed, half of us would be living in tent colonies by the railroad tracks by now.

Persnickety Ticker said...

Oh wait, it gets better. Now those morons in the gov't are talking about throwing money at the major banks to "encourage" them to start lending again. Why don't they just throw all that money at we the people so that we the people can pay off the loans that we already have?

Talk about FUBAR.