Monday, October 27, 2008

still not a winner

The other night Devildog rolled over in his sleep so much, and in the same direction, that he literally rolled himself up in the covers. I woke up feeling cold, and my normal tug on the sheet and blanket didn't produce results. (Can you tell this is a regular occurance in our house?) In my quest for covers, I woke him up, but I was able to go back to sleep. Then today I was at work, when I don't normally work on Monday. He called to ask what I was doing, and then got annoyed because I was working, essentially deviating from my "routine" work schedule. With the stuff on my calendar, his work schedule and our anniversary falling in the middle of the workweek, I needed to work today or risk rushing and cramping my time later. He complained that he hasn't seen much of me in a month, citing much of it being my doing. Some of it yes, but not all is my doing. He works a funky retail schedule that is less than conducive some weeks. The past couple months have been squirrelly in general. My work schedule and the other things I committed to doing aren't typical either, especially that week last month where literally EVERY thing was rescheduled into that single week. Then I'm feeling caught in the middle of another situation, and trying to stay out of it, because I could easily get caught in the trap of "pot meet kettle". When you get strong personalities together, there is inevitably going to be some contention. We're all human, but there isn't any need for whining and griping when a simple conversation can alleviate some confusion that leads to dissention. I understand the differing sides of both these situations. I'm just trying to pull out my diplomatic hat and be careful about how I handle these challenges. Lord knows, I have a temper and know how to use it. I end up leaving a mess in my wake though, and it's just NOT pretty that way. But being the tactful diplomat is much more productive most times...and certainly easier to clean up after wearing that hat. I just hope it's a proper fit, unlike my bed covers are apparently.

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