Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Coffee!!...must....have COFFEEEEEE!

I was awakened by a phone call this morning, in the middle of my multiple snooze button interactions. While I was taking that call, Devildog got up to get Clone ready for school. He's my hero like that because a well digger's backside has nothing on the current temperatures normally reserved for March around here. I finished the phone call and got up to make Clone's lunch and my coffee. My hero made the pot of java this morning, and he amassed additional brownie points for that act of love too. I was looking for certain containers for my Clone's lunch and started putting away some of the dishes in the drainer, in order to locate said containers. Apparently, some of us need coffee to make coffee.

I found the brew basket in the dish drainer.

"How did you make coffee without this?" (holding up the brew basket for Devildog to see)
::quizzical look::
::maniacal cackling::
He opened the top of the coffeemaker and pointed to it saying "Like that"

It wasn't a total failure, because coffee made it INTO the pot for consumption but it was certainly an amusing start to the day.


Persnickety Ticker said...

Yall with the couple cuteness is almost making me want to hurl. Get a room already...

But thanks for the giggles this morning.

Feisty Irish Wench said...

cuteness? THAT was not cuteness. THAT was me making fun of the Devildog and him once again having an answer for everything.