Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallow's Eve

I was stalking Pioneer Woman again, so my post is shamelessly "inspired" by her post about her kids' costumes. I understand and recall, it was supposed to mask one's true identity from the evil spirits so they couldn't bother you. Ya know, like Uncle Robert trying to tell you which specific floorboard held the loot? It's progressed into a creative free-for-all of sorts on many levels. I've seen some tremendous effort and energy expended all for the sake of a good laugh and scare on Halloween. What costumes have you done?

I've been a dead bride - complete with a lipstick blood line down my face. All because Honeymoon Hannah here decided to step in front of the television while the football game was on.

I've taken Devildog's cammies and worn them to work at a military assistance agency on Halloween. I made sure I was un-uniform about it, but other branches thought I was legit. I nearly got taken aside by a Staff Sgt for a "period of instruction".

I've gone as the Tupperware Queen when I sold the stuff, so I could try to drum up business...sort of worked, but my execution was lacking I'm sure.

I've been the frazzled House-frau: pajamas, slippers, curlers, hair askew, green face mask. The trick? Noxema and food coloring, mixed well in a separate container and don't directly touch the food coloring (don't ask how I know). It never occured to me to slather a layer of noxema on first and let it set before I slathered the green layer. I could have avoided a need for exfoliation lol.
I might try this trick next time I go to a football game...(note to self, add food coloring to shopping list) maybe I'll be seen on the Jumbo-tron...

I'm always running around on Halloween, and stuff always gets scheduled for that day for some reason. I don't get the "home day" I'd like to prepare. And lord knows what Beast will concoct for his costume. It's no suprise he isn't prepared for this, as he's not even been working on the science or history fair projects that should be in the works by now.

And now my hands itch for some reason.....making it a challenge to type. Nevermind the fact that I should have been in bed 2 hours ago....I will use the excuse that I was waiting on laundry and that's why I was up. It's my story and I'm sticking to it. See? the house-frau thing really wasn't that much of a stretch for me either....

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