Friday, October 3, 2008

Once again, the devil throws sand

It's been a *challenging* two weeks to put it succinctly. I'm so glad resets are done, only for the physical toll they take on me. Then today I strolled into the peer group thing I'm doing, and was met with a semi-stressed co-facilitator. The third facilitator had a major family emergency. Another group from the church snagged the meeting room we were scheduled to use, which meant physical arrangements had to be altered. Then I spilled coffee in the storage closet, and had to clean it up. I did find something that should've gone to the parish office 2 months ago in the plastic bin that accepted my coffee mess though. (Hey, I'm trying to find the bright side here.) Then I got politely reamed for not getting there early enough to help (um, a phone call last night with the heads up that we were down one facilitator would have been helpful). I ran errands, ate lunch, got my clone and headed off to visit the vampires. Donating blood leaves me less than 100% till late at night, or even the next day. So I was fine with the kids skating on the patio while I attempted to rest on the futon Persnickety gave us. I was happy not to have to fight the kids for space on it too.

Not 10 minutes into the rollerblading excursion I heard the Beast emit "auuggggggh!" and stomp through the house to the front yard to shut off the water to the house. He slid and broke a pipe that was exiting the house. It wasn't just any water spraying the patio. It was HOT water. For the third time. In four years. DH denies having repaired it before (feeble memory that man has) after one of them hit it previously. I went to the orange Man Store to get the parts for the repair. I annoyed asked the associate for help with something else outside plumbing but in the next aisle. (Hey! He wears the orange apron, his job is customer service. I was no more annoying than the customers my husband describes visiting his orange store). DH starts cutting away the pipe and gets to the point where he needed the channel locks to open the PVC cement to make it all happen. I get his keys, go to open the back window of his truck and nothing. I mean nada. Not a click, whine, whir or breath. Go open the door, more of NADA. I holler over the house "HONEY! We gotta jump start your truck too!" I went for my keys, met him inside and told him he left his parking lights on all day. He came out with the flashlight to get the channel lock since he knows precisely where he stashed it. I got my jumper cables and moved the van, got things connected and gave it some gas for good measure. That battery was D-E-A-D. I waited 10 more minutes, and nothing. I checked the cables, and the negative on my van slid off the post. By this point, nothing is a big suprise to me today. But it wasn't any more pleasant. I finally got the truck jump started and drove it around the block. By then, DH was late for work. A few hours before (but after the pipe fiasco started), I put chicken in the crockpot, so my house was smelling good and my tummy was hungry. I returned, and I was about to make a plate of food for myself and I learned that my husband's repair sprung a leak. Off to the orange store again for more of the same parts (should have bought the "Pro-Pack" I had in my hand...damn). Don't ask, I didn't do this plumbing job. It was here when we moved into the place. We work with what we're given.

Then, I decide to call ABC for an inquiry of price and availability of my brand and flavor rum. THAT alone is worth its own separate blog post when I don't already have a headache. For now, I'm going to turn on the water to the house so I can pee and flush the toilet, and pray for a good seal on that plumbing repair. Which I would love to share pictures of, but I still haven't located the battery charger....
Anybody have a broom?

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