Wednesday, November 26, 2008

typos for your entertainment

I was off in another part of the house, doing something else that didn't involve my backside being firmly planted in the chair at the desk. I come back to a few IMs and start answering them, just as my clone calls for me. Devildog put her in the tub rather early and she wanted out of there. Not wanting to allow my friend to think I was ignoring her (she thinks that when we haven't conversed much for several days weeks or months), I dashed off a greeting and quasi-apology, complete with lysdexic typing.

"Persnickety" (6:36:48 PM): Happy Day B4 Turkey Day
"Persnickety" (6:37:56 PM): Faa la la la laaa la la la laaaaaa
Feisty (6:48:50 PM): hi
Feisty (6:48:54 PM): was away from copmuter a while
"Persnickety" (6:59:39 PM): copmuter? Can I get one of those in a store?
"Persnickety" (7:00:39 PM): And do they really work? Cuz I can't ever get those damn cops to shut up...


MrsSoersdal said...

yeah they're such blabber mouths

Sunny Yukon said...

Copmuter? Will that turn off the noise of the sirens at 3 in the morning? Do they have one for the skidoos or motorbikes that seem to go by around midnight on the weekends too?