Saturday, November 15, 2008

Birthdays and Bronchitis

OK, first I wanted to share this with you from that came to my inbox a little bit ago. For anyone that doesn't know, the founder and CEO of GoDaddy is Bob Parsons, is a prior service Marine. Every year he posts a tribute to the Corps, including in the monthly newsletters. It's a tad late, but you can see the USMC Birthday Tribute yourself. I will be showing it to Devildog when he gets home from the store of orange.

And the other topic of this zero-dark-thirty post: I think I'm sick. If it was allergies, it has become something upper respiratory and unpleasant. I feel fine, I just feel like my lungs, or at least the entrance to them, is not at full performance. Now ask me in a few days, and I may give you a different answer. This stuff generally becomes bronchitis in short order thanks to my mother smoking while pregnant with me and pretty much all my life, which is probably why I have asthma. I may be breaking out the nebulizer in a bit just to clear that cobwebs that have been crafted in my lungs. And I think I have some grownup form of cough medicine in a pill (name of product purposely withheld) but I don't know how much is in the bottle. I'm drinking warm liquids to aid the loosening of the yuck, including a plan for peppermint tea as soon as I'm done with my coffee. And I don't know what made me think I could get some compassion from my husband. I called Devildog to inform him that I thought I was unwell, and pretty much got a "Suck it up Marine" response from him, but in civilian terms. I'm off to go change my pillowcases too while I'm at it.


Persnickety Ticker said...

Sorry you don't feel well. Don't forget the peppermint oil in boiling water with a towl over your head while you breathe the steam...helps with my asthma all the time.

Word Vert for the day, goreditt. At first I thought it said goredidit. I must need more coffee...

MrsSoersdal said...

Sorry you're feeling sick :(

I almost forgot, I was going to give you this link, since you commented on one of my posts that you didn't know what the kindle was:

It's the most awesome thing ever!!