Friday, May 30, 2008

Taking care

OK, so life grabbed me by the hair again and dragged me around for a few days. I have a child with seasonal allergies and what may be swimmer's ear. Then this child refuses to take the pain medicine I have because it tastes bad. Well it's either take the medicine that tastes bad or writhe in agony. She chose to keep the house awake through the night with her writhing. After a couple hours listening to it I began to lack sympathy for her. Then just after the youngest one finally starts sleeping uninterrupted by agonizing screeches of pain, the older one gets up at FIVE A.M.!!! and turns on the television! This is the other child who is sneezing from allergies every few minutes. Like his sister, he refuses to take the medication I provided him. Yet the child thinks it humorous to sneeze ON me as if I had some stench needing a shower to remove it. Even if I did, I prefer water thank you.

I chaperoned the youngest one's class trip to a ranch. The husband chaperoned as well. The teacher is rather pregnant and overdid the whole "hero teacher thing". One of the other chaperones was also pregnant. I am not drinking the water at that school. So dh helped chaperone the kids, I chaperoned the pregnant ones. I packed a bag with things most moms would drag on a trip to a ranch with horses and dirt....except I didn't have wipes or anything else antibacterial. Someone else thought of that. I had produced a few items the teacher needed over the course of a few minutes from the bag. She said "You're awesome Mrs. Wench". I just smiled knowingly (mentally patting her on the head) and said "And one day you too will be awesome as well". I suspected she would need she asked me no less than FIVE times over the course of a week and a half if I was going on the trip with them. She obviously didn't notice my signature on the "chaperone" side of the permission slip. She quite obviously had PreggoBrain more than once because I told her yes each time she asked me, followed by teasing her about the preggo brain. As I understand it, she is the oldest of five girls and their mother recently died. She seems to have that oldest daughter thing lots of us have....gotta take care of everyone, even at our own expense. Well now she's useless for a few days because she's relatively out of commission.
Taking care of myself has been something I learned to keep as a priority the hard way. I ended up worn out and utterly useless. Last weekend was a bit of a mental health weekend for me. This week was busy and some fairly important things didn't get taken care of. Ultimately I must not belong in that spot otherwise I wouldn't have been spending so much time playing with my crafts while avoiding that important stuff.
I have developed a liking for crafting. I have a yarn stash that needs to be used up. I have scrapbook supplies needing to become books. I also now have beads that are waiting to become rosaries. In any case, I actually have too many crafting projects in the works and need to finish the one I started with that Baby Clouds yarn that defies me so much. Size 50 knitting needles should do the trick. If they don't get the yarn into something crafty-like, they certainly make nice vampire stakes

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