Tuesday, June 3, 2008

late in the school year

2.5 days of school left as of this blog post.

My daughter is late rather often. One week in May, she was late EVERY SINGLE DAY, and one of those days she was late by an hour. Today, my son was late and we careened to the bus stop on one wheel as the bus was loading. The boy even opened the door and started exiting the ride before it came to a complete stop. My daughter was up and ready to go early today. She went to breakfast at school. I stopped by the office to tell the ladies that they would not need to look for my daughter and have her tardy slip prepared. It was 10 after 8, and they were absolutely shocked. I wonder if her teacher teased her about being on time. I forgot to ask. I was a tad busy making a rosary for the Assistant Director at the daycare.

I found some beads that just jumped out and bit me. I bought them. I made some into a rosary and my daughter hijacked it. She kidnapped it and wouldn't even demand ransom. She claimed she gave it back. However due to the size of the beads, this "Mother Superior" length rosary would have been blatantly obvious on my desk. It was not here and she knew it. She wore jeans and a long sleeve really warm dress (odd child I know. I choose my battles). The Assistant Director had dd change clothes, oddly enough with stuff I sent in to the daycare for the "general clothing emergency" stash. Along the way the rosary was made known to Ms D and she apparently told DH that she liked it, and dh came back to me with "Ms D wants one just like it". Men mess up the translation but I was planning on making one for her anyway, just hadn't found beads I liked enough to use. So I spent my evening working on Ms D's rosary and completely failed to ask my child if she was teased by her teacher for being on time instead of being late as usual. It's genetic. They get that wiring from me. My senior year social studies teacher signed my yearbook "You'll be late to your own funeral". I read that and told him "Nope, I won't be late to my funeral, other people will be in charge of getting me there." Just don't put my brother in charge of getting me there. I arrive well ahead of schedule by comparison to him.

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