Monday, June 30, 2008

yarning on and on about it

I joined recently...and have quickly become addicted to it. I found out that another local yarn shop that is further away from my house apparently is cooler than the one near me. I definitely get a vibe at the nearby one that it is more for the mature crowd of well behaved demeanor. I, dear readers (all two of you that you are), can not be counted as demure, genteel, dainty, girly (ok maybe just a small tee-nintsey bit), gentle, or any other word associated with "well behaved". I am almost everything but that. Raucous, bawdy, loud, overbearing, feisty, sarcastic, snarky, hellbent at times. It has to be something with being an Aquarius I guess. I don't know many that are born late January/early February that are anything but spirited ... "assertive with a bit of varnish on it" as Monday's Child so eloquently put it when I asked her help. She is a word nerd as she says. In any case, I am now craving a visit to this yarn shop when they have their "knit night" on Wednesday and/or Friday. I'd gladly go with Persnickety Ticker if we can coordinate it. We'll have to see about ditching kids and co-spawners to escape into a world of yarny goodness with the Yarntender. The website said that a sense of humor was required. Persnickety and I certainly have that requirement covered. Our yarn skills..while hers are perfectionist and she crochets waaaaay better than I ever will, I have figured out knitting a bit and actually think I like it a little better than crochet. The snag is that knitting takes longer so my patience is vexed by the seemingly incessant looping that look like it's not going anywhere. Now my knitting heaven will be to get my hands on the Boye Needlemaster with interchangeable circular needles and the other goodies in the kit....but that will be a few moons from now. Right now I'd be happy to borrow someone's size 7 circulars so I can finish this one project that is working up so large it literally wraps itself around the needles as I won't get easier to finish on these 14" long needles.

At the moment, the rain is pelting the roof and it's absolutely perfect for working on this wrap I've been making of acrylic yarn...nice and warm. It will come in handy this coming winter if it's big enough. Otherwise, somebody's baby will get it as a "welcome to the world" gift.

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