Sunday, May 18, 2008

PMS euphoria

Yes, that would be an oxymoron there, but let me explain.....I generally crave baked goods and sweets at any given time. It gets especially loud at that very key point in the month my husband calls "hell". You have me, the Feisty Irish Wench and my clone, the Feisty Irish/Cherokee/Apache Wench-ette and a nice roiling pot of PMS. Yes, she's soon to be six and she indeed gets PMS-y. We eat a lot of the same things and cravings are similar between us. I have been good about not getting to indulgent with the sweets, almost have my sugar addiction handled. Except when I get PMS, I try to fight off the urge to make up for lost time in terms of baked goods. I stockpile cake and brownie mixes. It's not good for my husband and son who are built like "strappin' country boys". My husband, I swear to you was anorexic looking when I met him. I have NOT fed the man *that* well. In any case, I'm rambling again. I got a new-to-me toaster oven at the church garage sale today, along w/ a couple other small finds that I've had on my list of wanna-get-it items. This one is built to cook a small freezer pizza *cough* (like Totino's) *cough* rather than heat up the entire house using the big oven on the stove. Imagine my joy at finding this treasure that has been on my list. I almost got the smaller one, then thought again that my teenage sons can fend for themselves and save me money on electricity. The youngest one might even be able to figure this out being near-genius and all. Sadly I didn't get any freezer pizzas on my way home today. I did however break out one of the brownie mixes and make some PMS food. The oven heats hotter than the dial indicates, so it requires tweaking of time and temperature. It made for some slightly messy but tasty brownies.

Funny side story: While I was mixing the batter, my daughter appears wanting to assist. Her brothers trained me well to expect alterior motives. I see the gleam in her eyes...mmmmm lick the bowl/spoon/spatula.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm making PMS food."
"I get PMSing"
"Yes I know you do, as evidenced by that whole cranky display earlier about getting in the tub"
::innocent nervous laughter::

I am in pure PMS craving heaven. Baked goods, chocolatey baked goods.....yummmmmm. ....crumbly, gooey, cakey...CHOCOLATEY.....
This? This is PMS Euphoria

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