Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I hate losing stuff

Last week I misplaced my sunglasses again. Come to find out my Clone took them to use outside and left them on the side shelf of the grill for several days while I was tortured by used the old metal rimmed ones again. I can't find my eyeglasses now. I had them last night. I took them off my face, put them in the case where they belong, and now....I have no clue. Unless they're hiding under something I've already searched, like in my workbag (that thing's a vortex like my purse), I may have lost the buggers. I was needing them earlier in the day but didn't want to spend the time to go outside and get them out of the van (logic at work today). They're reading glasses, but sometimes they help the fine tuning for my eyeballs and I don't feel like I have to work so hard to see. It's bad enough I'm over 30. It's bad enough my eyeballs are aging. It's challenging enough being pregnant. It's annoying enough to be hungry all the time, more so than I normally am, and right now I'm really wanting food, but want nothing we have in the house. It's bad enough that I already have a penchant for misplacing things. If it weren't for babies making noise, I might have misplaced them a time or two as well. But good grief, all these things combined are just really enough to push me towards cranky. And we all know a cranky pregnant woman is not what anyone wants. A cranky pregnant woman whose eyeballs are straining just to see her world, much less her computer screen...well it's enough to drive me over the edge. But that side of the edge probably doesn't have food - OR my glasses.


Marissa said...

The losing of the glasses is why I have more than one pair. One to stay in the case, the other on my face...

Of course, then I lose the damn glass case and can't see a fucking thing.

MrsSoersdal said...

You poor girl; not having a very good time are we? When I lived in Norway and was pregnant with my first, I wanted nothing but mexican food and there was nothing even resembling mexican food ANYWHERE. It was agony.

Persnickety Ticker said...

Poking the preggo hungry cranky bear.


Hope you find your glasses and get some food.

(don't make me come clean and search and cook for you...for then you will expect to be waited on hand and foot like the queen of sheeba all the damn time and will drive the penis people crazier than they already are with you all hormonally beating them about the head and shoulders because they are not serving your every royal whim quite fast or efficently enough...geeze.)


Jackie said...

So you're a blind, hungry, cranky, pregnant woman? Sounds normal to me! :)