Saturday, April 25, 2009

I can SEEE!!!

So I have this penchant for losing and misplacing things. While I have gotten better about it, consider it a microscopic improvement over my childhood ok? Apparently when I lose things, It means I have to clean the mom-bus. Today, I went to work, and I turned around in my seat, while I still can do that, to stack the stuff I needed for work on the back floorboard so I can grab it, my workbag and go. Apparently my glasses fell out of my purse the other day and slid under a seat. So here I sit, eyeball-pain free. I so need to just go get a 2nd pair of glasses for the house and keep these scratched up buggers in the van. My luck, I'll misplace those too - in a pile of laundry in my room or papers next to the desk. Apparently I also have issues with putting away things where they belong. It's genetic, I assure you.

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MrsSoersdal said...

Hooray for finding glasses!