Thursday, April 12, 2012

New discovery

I was shaving my legs in the shower and discovered that my bruises go down to my foot too. I thought it was just on my leg, but nope, apparently I missed this detail in previous funk removal sessions. The knee is still heavily bruised and I'm still having circulation issues, but the swelling is improving. I'm working on rebuilding my hand, and trying not to overdo it and negate the progress. And the road rash is healing rather soon for what I expected. It's not nearly as ugly as it used to be, and I will probably have scars.

Now if I could keep the Blur from bumping into, kicking, or otherwise hitting the knee, I'd be pleased. It's a daily incident to have impact with the knee and some part of her person. *sigh* and OW.
I'd also be thrilled if she would make the connection with going to the bathroom and using the toilet. We're making progress, but ugh, cleaning up bodily functions of a 2 year old is not the kind of party I want to be having. I keep reminding myself that Clone was almost 3 before the light switch flipped in her brain.

In the meantime, my body is revolting and it doesn't appear that sleep will attempt to elude me, but the exact opposite.

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